We are a non-profit organization

Kukumiku is a platform created by the Kukumiku Foundation, a non-profit organization created to help solidarity projects in online fundraising and getting the word out.

About us

We are a non-profit entity created by expert volunteers in different disciplines related to international cooperation, solidarity and digital marketing. As a result of this union, in 2016 we launched a self-managed donationy Crowdfunding platform to help entities, individuals and groups to get the word out and raise funds for their social or solidarity causes.

Thanks to this platform we have been able to help hundreds of people and communities to make the world a little better place. Helping them fulfill their dreams or getting them to overcome the big or small obstacles that life puts in the way is our mission and we want to continue doing so. We still have a lot of work to do and for this your help is essential but if we have something clear, because we witness it every day, it is that together we are stronger and by taking small steps we can change and improve the lives of many people.

Self-managed platform

We are not a company. There are no profits, everything is reinvested for a common cause. We are expert volunteers in different disciplines with a common project: to assist the solidarity sector independently.

To meet our goal, there is a small percentage (5%) of the funds of the campaigns destined to continue maintaining the platform, our team of advisors and all the procedures and services available to users.

Thanks to your collaboration we can:

– Keep the platform active. (Hosting, domains, applications, ..)
– Continuously improve the platform with advanced technology.
– Redesign the usability to facilitate donations.
– Offer advice to campaign creators.
– Create tips and advice materials to help organizers.
– Verify the campaigns.
– Serve and attract donors.
– Track the campaigns.
– Manage payments and tax certifcates.
– Attention 24 hours for incidents and queries.
– And above all, keep helping you raise funds.

Un poco de información más personal

What do we do

We dedicate our time and experience in the solidarity field to make it easier for other organizers of initiatives to carry out their projects.

We provide them with online tools and new technologies to make fundraising easier.

If someone has a worthwhile project, let them get it done.

If someone is willing to help, let them know where it is worth doing.

How do we do it

We volunteer our time for these goals.

Yes, you have read correctly, voluntarily, without mansions or mega-offices. No ping pong tables and no happiness department. Without private credits and without business structures.

Ordinary people wearing T-shirts and jeans who spend lot of their free time helping in the best way they know.

Do we have something extraordinary?

No, but maybe that’s why they tell us that we are special.

Why we do it

We believe in Human Rights, in social justice and in equal opportunities.

In an ideal world it would not be necessary to work towards these goals.

In a less ideal world, it would be enough to work from the public sphere.

In the real world, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and also contribute from the private sphere.

Starting with ourselves.

Who we are

Kukumiku we are friends with several things in common:

– We like to get out of our comfort zone, whatever it is.

– We have known realities different from ours that have changed our chip. Sometimes in another country, other times under our portal.

– We want to do things to change those realities.

We also have in common that we value the peace of anonymity, but this project that we have created is so worthwhile that we would at least give our face for it.

But we will have to meet first in person to give you our twitter 🙂

Juan Orlegi


It exists to help you.

Aitziber Osorio


Says something about some accounts but only she understands it.

Álvaro de Lera

First timer father

Can it be done with a computer? It is his turn to do it!

Leire San José

She knows healing

Doesn’t it ring a bell? Sure know someone who knows her.

Luis Zeitouni

Better call Saul

Dare to tell him that it is no possible.

Collaborate with a free, participatory and supportive initiative

With your donation we can continue to assist solidarity projects to continue improving the lives of people and our environment. If you have a project, campaign, sponsorship in mind or are looking for a technological partner for solidarity actions, do not hesitate to contact us.