Support charity causes

Do you want to donate to a charity project? Find all kinds of causes waiting to receive your support.

  • NGOs and personal causes at your disposal.
  • Verified, transparent and secure fundraisings.
  • Receive updates on the campaigns you support.
  • Deduct up to 80% of your contribution.
  • Multiple payment methods to donate.
  • Collaborate on a one-time or monthly basis.

Hundreds of stories at your disposal that will touch your heart

Art and Culture
Humanitarian Emergency
Childhood and Family
Society and Inclusion

Why collaborate?

A better world is possible and it is in your hands to be part of it. The challenge is huge but the goal is worth it. A small gesture can change many lives and nothing is more powerful and transgressive than an act of love and help towards people we live with.

In Kukumiku you will find endless inspiring stories and people that will touch your heart. No matter the amount, what matters is if we are one of those who try to make this a better place. A place where the magic of love reaches any corner.

You can donate monthly

With the new and exclusive Kukumiku system you can also collaborate on a monthly basis with the causes of your interest.

1. Choose how much you can contribute each month.

2. Distribute it among the causes of your interest.

3. Modify your distribution or stop donating whenever you want.

You will receive updates from the campaigns which you collaborate with and you can also get a donation certificate.

Get Certificate of Donation

If you collaborate through Kukumiku you will obtain a Certificate to deduct up to 80% of your contribution. We are a registered non-profit organization and collaborating with any of the solidarity projects on our platform allows you to do so.

Donate safely

Thanks to the Kukumiku transparency guarantee, all the campaigns you find have been previously approved and verified. Unlike other platforms, all projects must meet certain requirements and are studied individually before being published. We also control the use of money in order to provide you the confidence and security you need to donate.

Make a one-time donation

Find a project of your interest and make a one-time donation.

Donate monthly

Collaborate periodically with one or more projects of your interest.

Request Donation Certificate

If you have donated but did not request a Donation Certificate, you are still on time.

Donor care

If you have any questions, queries or requests related to donations, do not hesitate to contact us.