How to plan a strategy for your crowdfunding campaign

Discover everything you must know to plan the strategy of your crowdfunding campaign

Why is planning so important?

As you sow so shall you reap. A common mistake is thinking that a crowdfunding campaign works just by creating it and sharing it on social media. That only happens in very few cases, usually emergencies.

For this reason, before starting a campaign it is highly recommended to know what message we are going to convey, to whom we are going to convey it and through what ways we are going to do it.

Key aspects of your campaign

Qué mensaje enviamos
What message do we send

It is essential to prepare our story, the texts, images and what we want to tell.

A quién nos dirigimos
Whom are we addressing to

Addressing a friend or relative is not the same as addressing a company. The message, the channel and the way of approaching is different for each recipient.

Qué medios utilizamos
What communication channel do we use

There are countless options, social networks, media, events, word of mouth, posters, … It is important to know which ones we are going to use.


All you need to know:

A quién nos dirijimos
Whom are we addressing to

All you need to know:

Medios o canales
Media or channels

All you need to know:

General tips

  • Planning ahead of time is key. You will reap what you sow.
  • Make a list of who you are going to contact and what communication channels you are going to use.
  • Test and study the ground before you start.
  • It is essential that your closest circle supports you at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Ask them to support you by sharing the campaign. Especially if they have many contacts or followers.
  • During the campaign, share content related to the campaign.
  • If you are more than one organizers, divide the tasks.
  • Correct something if you see that it is not working.

Everything ready?

Is this your first time?

Make sure you meet the requirements and get advice on everything you need to prepare your page

Cumple los requisitos
Meet requirements

Projects and campaigns must and non-profit. We adapt to almost any situation but there are some minimum requirements that you must know.

Consejos para editar tu página de crowdfunding
Tips for editing your crowdfunding page

To start a campaign it is necessary to have texts, images and even a video is always highly recommended. Discover everything you need.

Do you need more help?