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If you have a charity project or an NGO, or you just want to help a family member or a friend, here is everything you need to be successful in your crowdfunding campaign.

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Learn what you need to be successful in your project

Work on these 3 points before creating your crowdfunding campaign

1. Cumple los requisitos
1. Meet the requirements

Projects and campaigns must be social and non-profit. We adapt ourself to almost any situation but there are some minimum requirements that you must bear in mind before launching your campaign.

2. Crea el material necesario
2. Prepare the necessary material

To start a fundraising it is necessary to have proper texts and images specially created for the campaign. A short video explaining your story is always highly recommended. Know everything you need..

3. Planifica una estretegia
3. Plan a strategy

Knowing how you are going to share and communicate the campaign is essential before starting. Here we give you our recommendations to reach more people.


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Why choose Kukumiku?

We are experts

Platform solely and exclusively dedicated to charity, social and non-profit projects. Receive the support of experts specialized in the sector.

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Our commitment to transparency provides both security for donors and peace of mind for campaign promoters.

We are flexible

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal and therefore we have a flexible platform adaptable to your needs and those of your campaign..

We care

We are a non-profit entity. Your donors will be able to deduct their contribution to your campaign and we reinvest all our resources in helping and improving.