Kukumiku for companies

Everything a company needs to carry out solidarity actions with impact. Raise funds, support a cause, run a giveaway, create a Matchfunding call… Tell us your approach and we will help you to carry it out.

All power comes with a great responsibility

Take advantage of the capacity and size of your company to achieve an impact on its environment and inspire your community in a solidarity challenge.

It involves and motivates all workers and shows that when there is will, teamwork and commitment to a cause, everything is possible.

What can a company do in Kukumiku?

Dona un bien o servicio
Donate a good or service

Make an economical donation to a campaign of your interest or donate a good or service so that it can giveaway it and boost its fundraising.

Crea un reto con tu empresa
Create a challenge with your company

Launch a solidarity crowdfunding campaign from your company and involve workers and customers in a solidarity challenge.

Haz Matchfunding
Make Matchfunding

Boost a multiplier effect. Contribute with € 1 for each euro that a cause manages to raise. You can create your own call with several projects.

Colabora con la Fundación Kukumiku
Collaborate with the Kukumiku Foundation

Support our Foundation and join an innovative social entity in the digital world, solidarity and social responsibility.

Do you want to create a company campaign?

Learn about the different modalities to generate the good social impact you want.

Option 1. Create a crowdfunding campaign and support a cause

Crea una campaña de crowdfunding
Create a crowdfunding campaign

Get the word out and raise money involving your company in the support of a good cause and improve the lives of others.

  • Platform specialized in donation crowdfunding.
  • Expert team and advice at your disposal.
  • Tools to manage and disseminate.
  • All donations to your campaign are tax deductible.
  • We manage the collection and its destination for you.

Option 2. Create a campaign and matchfunding

Haz matchfunding
Make matchfunding

Become a matchfunder of your own campaign: Donate € 1 for every € 1 people donate to your campaign

  • Collaborate with your own campaign encouraging others.
  • Set an example and lead the campaign.
  • Put the limit amount that you want offer.
  • Make special days in which you multiply X3.
  • Your contribution to your own campaign is tax deductible.

Option 3. Create a campaign and add a giveaway

Haz un sorteo solidario
Do a giveaway

Donate a good or service and run a charity giveaway to support a campaign created by you or others.

  • Take advantage of the appeal of a giveaway to attract the spotlight on a cause / campaign.
  • Boost donations.
  • We take care of all the legal management, realization of the draw and contact with winners.
  • Boost the brand or product image.
  • Get a donation certificate. We are a non-profit.

PRO COMPANIES option Create a campaign + Make Matchfunding + Giveaway


Create a fundraising campaign, become a “matchfunder” of your own campaign and add a giveaway

Haz una campaña
Run a campaign
Haz matchfunding
Make matchfunding
Añade un sorteo
Add a giveaway

Are you interested?

Contact us, request a personalized service or answer any questions.

Reason to raise funds on Kukumiku

We will offer you a series of suggestions to inspire you.

  • Support a cause, an entity or an NGO that especially inspires you.
  • Try to alleviate the effects of a humanitarian emergency.
  • Support the situation of a co-worker, family member, or neighbor.
  • Collect money in memory of a deceased colleague. Honor his life and make his memory last.
  • Organize a sports challenge and take advantage of it so that everyone involves in a good cause.
  • Take advantage of the celebration of a company event to support a cause of solidarity.

Looking for something personalized?

Don’t worry, our team of experts in the sector is ready to adapt to your needs.

Are you looking for a cause to collaborate with?

You have at your disposal multiple solidarity projects of all kinds waiting to receive your help. You can donate by bank transfer and you will receive a Donation Certificate for collaborating with the Kukumiku Foundation projects. A non-profit organization created to help.

Kukumiku Foundation

Kukumiku is a platform created by the Kukumiku Foundation. A non-profit organization created to assist solidarity project get the word out and raising funds.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any good initiative. We are at your disposal.