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Discover a donation crowdfunding platform specially designed to help your fundraising campaigns. If you want to raise money for an NGO, for a family member or for a personal cause this is place you were looking for.

Everything your campaign needs, in just one place

  • Platform specialized in donation crowdfunding.
  • Professional advice on fundraising.
  • 24 hours support.
  • Your donors can receive a tax-deduction certificate. EXCLUSIVE
  • Flexible campaign design, goal, duration, payment methods… EXCLUSIVE
  • Private control panel to manage the campaign.
  • Live economic info.
  • Send updates and messages to your donors.
  • Widget to raise funds from other websites. NEW
  • Do matchfunding and multiply the donations. NEW EXCLUSIVE
  • Add a fundraising giveaway and multiply your impact. EXCLUSIVE
  • Tools to share on social networks.
  • Lowest payment processing fees.
  • Receive one-time donations or monthly donations.EXCLUSIVE
  • Receive donations via bank transfer.

All kinds of fundraising categories

Humanitarian Emergency
Art and Culture
Childhood and Family
Society and

Successful stories

Discover inspiring successful stories that will touch your heart. Personal and collective stories from any corner of the planet that found the help they needed.

7 reasons to choose Kukumiku

  • Different payment methods
    TInternational cards, PayPal, bank transfer, direct debit, donations in hand and many more methods to come. When someone supports your cause will not have problems with the method that wants to use or the place where wants to donate from.
  • Support to improve your campaign
    You have the support of experts in donation crowdfunding, fundraising and digital fundraising. We are specialized in this way of raising money and we are proactive in giving our advice when we receive your campaign.
  • Tools that make sharing your campaign easier
    Spread your campaign with the help of our tools designed to facilitate your work. Sharing on social networks, widget, raffles, monthly donors, updates, matchfunding, mailing and many more.
  • Your donors can deduct their contribution
    We are a Foundation, your donors can deduct their contribution and we manage the certificates.
  • Commitment to transparency
    Our commitment to transparency is essential. Your donors will know that we have verified the information and we assure them that the money will reach its destination.
  • Flexibility for your needs
    Do you want to run a giveaway with special requirements? Do you need to adapt the dates of the campaign? Transfer the funds to an inaccessible country? Contact us and we will help you.
  • Safety
    We are a reliable and secure platform. All data and payment information travels encrypted and complying with the GDPR data protection regulations.

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How to prepare your page

We give you tips to design your page with proper texts and images.

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How to plan your strategy

Pre-planning your sharing strategy will be really useful.

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How does it work

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Help Center

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5% + costs of payment methods.

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