Donate safely thanks to our commitment to transparency

At Kukumiku all campaigns are pre-approved and verified to ensure that donors can donate with confidence and security.

Why is transparency important?

We firmly believe that one of the keys to the success of activities based on solidarity is a determined and unconditional commitment to transparency to generate security, trust and social support.

The third sector needs more than any other to be honest and transparent because when it comes to counting on the goodwill of the people, no shortcut can be taken.

Achieving social support and trust takes a lot of work to get but can be lost in a very short time.

The vast majority of campaign promoters appreciate this commitment and are proactive. Offering transparency is the key to the third sector.

What do we do for transparency?

They are not just words. At Kukumiku we take action. Learn about the tools and filters that make Kukumiku a place where donors can collaborate with peace of mind, confidence and security.

1. Pre-filtering

Unlike other platforms, in Kukumiku campaigns must be previously approved. In this way, we make sure that they meet the requirements and avoid a large amount of fraud that happens when campaigns are allowed to be created automatically.

2. Fact-checking

If necessary, especially in private cases, we take an active part to guarantee the veracity of the facts. We adapt to the nature and characteristics of each campaign. We request medical certificates, estimates, invoices…

3. Custody of the collection

Unlike other platforms, in Kukumiku all donations go in the first instance to a secure account guarded by the Kukumiku Foundation and it is when the campaign ends or the promoter requests it when the collection is transferred. This allows us room for maneuver and to make sure that the money goes to the cause.

This is one of the services that both donors and the promoters themselves appreciate the most since they can ask us to make the payments provided for in the project directly without the money going to the promoter at any time.

4. Post-campaign monitoring

Once the campaign is finished, the promoters are asked to report what has been done with the collection, its impact and if it is appropriate to present invoices.

By then a campaign has already gone through 3 important filters, so this tool mainly serves to inform donors of the impact achieved with their money.

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Do you want to report a project?

Although we, and especially the campaigns, do everything we can to ensure that the campaigns are safe and transparent, there can always be something that escapes us. If you have knowledge, questions or suspicions about a project, help us to clarify it.