Requirements to launch a project in Kukumiku

Launching a campaign in Kukumiku is simple but there are some small requirements that every campaign must meet.


All campaigns must be non-profit and to help people or groups in clear situation of need.


All campaigns must provide truthful and verifiable information in a clear and transparent manner both about the history and the use of the money raised.


They must meet a series of simple requirements that every crowdfunding campaign needs and are mentioned below. Keep reading 🙂

Basic requirements that your campaign must meet

  • To help people or groups in situations of clear need.
  • Non-profit*.
  • Realistic budget.
  • The information is true and verifiable.
  • It is promoted by an adult or has a responsible person of legal age.

Reasons why your campaign may be rejected

  • It is not solidarity, it contains profit motive*.
  • Discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion or origin.
  • Contains falsehoods, inconsistencies, deliberately conceals key information or cannot be verified.
  • The money raised is used to promote or advertise the fundraising campaign itself.
  • The money collected is used to defray the expenses of setting up an entity.
  • The quality of texts and images is extremely low.

*Excepciones al ánimo de lucro: Los proyectos sí pueden generar, directa o indirectamente lucro, emprendimiento o impulsar pequeñas economías individuales o colectivas de su entorno cuando se trate de sectores, comunidades o personas en situaciones desfavorecidas, y siempre que el promotor del proyecto no sea también beneficiario directo del lucro que pueda generarse.

Do you meet the requirements?

Create your campaign now or write us or tell us briefly about your idea and we will clear up your doubts.

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